Sunday, 13 July 2014

Positive Pet Training Blog Hop - Win and Success reflection

Hi, y'awl! Today, we are taking part in the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop! (See bottom of the page to discover the badge and the hosts!

So, I am going to, today, reflect on some wins and successes that Earl and I have accomplished in the past, as that is the theme of this first Monday's Positive Pet Training Blog Hop!

So, our biggest win we have accomplished SO FAR is probably winning the entire series of the Winter Series in Elementary Agility at Agility Nuts Competition Shows. We are extremely proud to have beaten 20-30 other people in the same category as ourselves, and have now been moved up a league!!

See the HUGE trophy in front of Earl's paw? That's the overall winner one!

We really worked our pants and paws off for that title! And we got it! YAY! I am so proud of Earl and myself for keeping so consistent and dedicated to our agility that led us to a fantastic end result. On goes the summer series this year! Which we may have less luck, as each competition is for 2 days on the trot, unlike the winter series 1 days only, and we can't make all. 2nd so far on the league this year though, lets keep going and see!

The most 1st place competition we've been to are ties. We have 3 ties of three 1st places in one day, however the most professional and important one of those 3 is the KC Dog Vegas Agility Competition Show we participated in and won twice in one day! Bringing home 2 bags of Fish4Dogs treats alongside, much to Earl's happiness. Our other 2 runs were clears too! Whoop whoop!

And now more of a real-life situation accomplishment of mine and Earl's. Not that long ago now, Earl was able to share an off-lead walk next to a deep lake near a lot of tempting undergrowth, especially for a curios, sniffaholic terrier like Earl, and mainly, spend it with his Cockerpoo doggy friend, Ollie! After having a horrible 'attack' which frightened Earl as a puppy, he has always found other dogs not worth anything, and could act grumpy with them at times. Sharing a walk, off lead, right next to each other was a huge step for Earl. Now he shares walks with Ollie as much as possible. He also built up to sharing the walk with Ollie's little family member, Lottie to Cockerpoo pup, and Maisie, the older Bearded Collie. He is doing super with his dog-to-dog reactions! They are no more with the help of certain, friendly dogs!

We adore our rosettes, and at the same time, successes that aren't to do with competition training are brilliant! After long, and hard training, when you make a positive break-through, all the world goes with you, and you feel amazing! We all have a passion for our dogs, and after a lot of work with them, we finally get through to what is best for them, you just can't beat it. Progress is kind of what makes the world go round - you can't move forward happily without it, and it takes dedication, consistency, a passion, a will and hard work and time combined with effort on your part as the trainer and/or owner to reach.

Everyone should work hard and find progress as they do so. That is what makes hard work worth the while. Something from it. It doesn't have to be something you can hold, but something you know you have completed and reached, whether that be something you know will make life better for you and your dog(s), or something that you can hold as great experience and knowledge forever, like a beneficial memory, and love looking back on.

Keep going with your now positive pet training!

We're glad to be participating in the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop, hosted by Dachshund NolaCascadian Nomads and Tenacious Little Terrier - thanks guys, for a beneficial and enjoyable blog hop!

Join along and learn together on first Mondays and the days to follow. 


  1. Very well said and well done on all your successes!
    Wags and Woofs from Imogen and Millie.

  2. you are going to need a trophy room soon
    Lily & Edward

  3. Woohoo!!! Great post!
    I have never heard of this hop before!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks! And thanks again!
      Yes, its a great hop!

  4. Iz fun to haz frends Early my pal….

  5. You and your mom should be so proud of your accomplishments! Super cool going off leash too. I will never get to because we are scent hounds and I would take off for sure.

    1. We sure are! Thanks, it really is. That is true and sensible though Emma.

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